Susana Cresce 

Hi friends! I'm Susana, a bride-to-be who’s passionate about simple things like coffee in a pretty mug, being energized by the sun, and the simplicity of pen and paper.

Seriously! My love for paper started early in my life when I was selling copies of my brother’s drawings at school. At 18 I opened my first stationery store back in the Dominican Republic but, now that I am living in the DC area, I have fallen in love developing a brand with items that beautifully display the power of goal setting along with the grace of exquisite design.


Since 2015, the Susana Cresce Planner has been an icon for the “goal diggers” and those that simply say “Let’s do this”.

Along, I manage the blog and podcast “Hey Bride”, where this passion translate to one of the most important day in a couple’s life.

I believe that hard work beats talent and that Sundays should be enjoyed. I believe in balance.


About Susana Cresce Designs 

Susana Cresce caters to the feminine, creative side of the go-getters. Products that give us permission to dream in colors and accomplish goals while also celebrating life's little but amazing moments.

The Susana Cresce line is perfect for those who believe that life is more than a daily routine. Those who understand that mistakes are simply a way to learn. Those who celebrate the little accomplishments as much as the big ones.