The 11/11 Planner Bundle | 11 - 2018 Planners | 11 - pen sets | 11 - diamond pen | Wholesale Price!

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Eleven Eleven is our favorite hour and day, so we coulndn't help but set an 11/11 special. 


Looking for a group gift that will elevate their vibration, unite them in success and bring forth the best of them to design a life they love? This is the ultimate success holiday bundle! 

11 Planners (Mix and Match colors)  484

11 fineline color pen set (for fun color coding with no bleeding) 132

11 diamond pen (because, who wants a normal pen?)

11 Money Magnet Postcards (free!)

Total retail value: $726

Your price today:  $444+ Free Shipping! 

Ideal for:

Bridesmaids | Best Friends | Family members | Teachers | Executive Assistants | Office Staff



It's time to track your time, goals, and accomplishments in a fashionable yet convenient way.

Get the 2018 planner that fits your organizing needs with a beautiful frame.
Dates: November 2017 - December 2018

The Susana Cresce Planner features:

- Hard cover with protected gold corners and gold coil.
- Two beautiful covers to choose, all with fashionable gold trim and lettering
- The planner measurements are 9.5 x 9 in.
- The interior pages are 120gsm woodfree paper.
- Space to write Dreams, the Perfect Day, Goals, Due Dates, Monthly Mini Goals, Notes To Self and Monthly Budget.
- Budget, Month and Goals Analysis after every month
- Weekly and Monthly Calendars
- Saturdays and Sundays have the same space as the weekdays
- Space to Write all your 2017 - 2018 experiences (People, Places, Movies, Books, and more)
- Space for contacts and notes.
- Holidays and Extra Awesome Holidays (From New Years day to Bacon Day and everything in between)
- Ample-sized pocket on the back to store papers.
- Elastic band to keep it all together.
- BEAUTIFUL Packaging, making it a great gift.

All combined this is a beautiful and useful tool that will be there with you day by day on your BEST YEAR YET.